Why Uniti?

The strength of Uniti Titanium comes from our ability to utilize the global raw material and manufacturing resources of ATI and VSMPO. As world leaders in the production of titanium and other specialty materials, these two companies share an enviable list of equipment, technology, and resources, allowing Uniti Titanium to supply industrial titanium products on a fully integrated production basis. As our customer, you will benefit from this union with competitive lead times, pricing and on-time delivery.

Equipment Highlights:

Scrap Utilization and Sponge Production
With broad capabilities to process and utilize scrap and/or to manufacture sponge, Uniti Titanium has the flexibility to melt titanium through Electron Beam and/or VAR furnaces. Sponge is manufactured at AVISMA Titainium Magnesium Works in Russia.

Electron Beam and VAR Melting Capabilities
Uniti Titanium has the ability to manufacture titanium ingot and slab through VAR and Electron Beam furnaces located in the U.S., Ukraine and Russia.

The VAR Melting facility in Russia is one of the largest in the world, with the capability to produce ingot with diameter of 17.72″ (450 mm) to 45.25″ (1150 mm) with a maximum weight of up to 39,000 pounds (18,000 kg). This facility is also equipped with a 10,000 ton press for compaction of large electrodes, weighing up to 22,046 (10,000 kg).

The Electron Beam Melting facility, ATI’s facility in Richland, Washington in the USA, is one of the largest electron beam cold hearth refining (Electron Beam CHR) furnaces in the world, with an annual capacity of 22 million pounds. Sizes can be melted as large as 34″ x 56″ (863.6 mm x 1422.4 mm), producing up to 45,000 pound slabs.

Hot Rolling and Processing Facility (HRPF)
ATI’s HRPF was commissioned at the end of 2014 and is designed to produce thinner and wider hot-rolled coils of exceptional quality at reduced cost with shorter lead times and manufacturing cycle times. The HRPF is a world-class high-speed, highly automated, precise and repeatable processing facility. The HRPF is one of the world’s most powerfull mills and can typically hold tolerances that are half of most industry standards.

Sendzimir Mill
The state of the art 49.2″ (1250 mm) Sendzimir Mills, located in the U.S., is utilized for cold-rolling titanium sheet coil. This equipment produces a product with gauge and tolerance control, and superior flatness utilizing shape meter technology.

Plate Mill
Hot rolled plate is available in a standard size of 96″ x 240″ (2438 mm x 6096 mm) in a variety of gauges, and a wide range of custom lengths and widths. All plates are grit blasted and pickled to remove alfa case.

Welded Tube Lines
Eight welded tube lines are in operation to service the power generation, desalination and process markets.  Six lines are located in Russia at the VSMPO Salda facility.

Seamless Tube Lines
A series of cold pilger mills, cold-rolling pilger mills, drawing mills and swaging machines are located at the ATI Albany and VSMPO Ukraine facilities.

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