Uniti Titanium announces NORSOK M-650 qualification

Uniti is pleased to announce that VSMPO TITAN UKRAINE LTD. has renewed it’s NORSOK M-650 qualification for the next five years beginning October 2017.

The New qualification covers titanium seamless cold-worked tubes and pipes with maximum OD up to 133mm and maximum wall thickness up to 10.7mm. Referenced specifications include ASTM B338, ASTM B861 and MDS TP101.

After participating in Statoil’s qualification program of special material manufacturers in 2011, VSMPO TITAN UKRAINE LTD. was included into the TR-2000 list of approved suppliers according to NORSOK M-650. Current qualification allowed VSMPO TITAN UKRAINE LTD. to extend the production range already specified in TR-2000 from wall thickness 2.64mm up to 10.7mm. NORSOK qualification gives the company opportunities to take on projects in the oil and gas industry, such as shelf developments and construction of static and floating oil and gas extracting platforms.

Expiration date of the qualification is 21st of August, 2022.

Please contact Uniti Titanium with inquiries related to seamless titanium pipe and tube as well as other titanium mill products for industrial applications.

Kevin J. Cain, President


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